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Paul Close Physiotherapist in St Heliers

Welcome to Paul Close Physiotherapy in St Heliers, where I prioritise your health and mobility. I offer a friendly and supportive environment for Auckland residents looking to overcome physical challenges and enhance their well-being.

My physiotherapy approach is straightforward: assess, treat, educate, and empower. Every new patient engagement begins with a comprehensive assessment. This initial step is critical—it helps us understand the specifics of your pain or injury, allowing us to develop a personalised treatment plan that targets your unique needs.

Personalised Care for Pain Relief and Movement

At Paul Close Physiotherapy, we believe that every patient deserves tailored care. Your body is your lifelong companion, and treating it right should be a custom affair. Whether you’re recovering from an injury or dealing with chronic pain, our treatments are designed to provide not just relief but also long-lasting solutions.

My services in St Heliers include a wide range of physiotherapy techniques, from manual therapy to specialised exercises, all aimed at improving your mobility and reducing pain. The treatment plan we develop for you will be as individual as you are, crafted after a thorough evaluation of your physical condition and health goals.

Effective Pain Management Solutions in St Heliers

Managing pain effectively is key to improving quality of life. Here, I don’t just manage pain— my approach is to strive to understand its root cause and address it directly. This approach not only alleviates your symptoms but also aids in preventing them from recurring.

I work closely with each patient to ensure optimal care. This includes a detailed follow-up system to monitor progress and make any necessary adjustments to your treatment plan. For those who may need further specialised care, I will provide timely referrals to ensure you receive comprehensive support.

Moreover, I will facilitate seamless service for patients under Southern Cross and other health insurance schemes by handling the necessary paperwork and referral processes, making your experience as smooth as possible.

Booking an appointment at Paul Close Physiotherapy for St Heliers residents is straightforward. Contact me to set up a time that works for you and begin your journey to better health today. My commitment to your rehabilitation and recovery makes me a trusted name in physiotherapy across Auckland.

I am not just treating symptoms; we’re treating people. My clinic is more than just a place to receive treatment—it’s a safe space where individuals are empowered to achieve their best health outcomes. I invite you to join me in this journey and experience the dedicated, compassionate care that has made me the most trusted name for physiotherapy and rehabilitation in St Heliers.


We diagnose what's going on and provide a general overview of your physical health.


We diagnose what's going on and provide a general overview of your physical health.


We diagnose what's going on and provide a general overview of your physical health.

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